CryptoGuys is a collection of pixel characters minted as NFTs. They are designed by a group of twenty artists from all over the world. Each artist contributed some ideas to create a unique vision of their places of origin.

Buy on OpenSea
(Sales Part I started on Nov, 1)
Join our community on Discord and get a chance to win many and various prizes


Buy on OpenSea (sales start on November, 1st)
Join our community on Discord and get a chance to win many and various prizes

Our story

PixelVerse 2030.

Recently an experiment has been carried out in Pixel World that made possible it to clone each and everyone out there. But something went horribly wrong... The best scientists developed a machine that could clone everything and everyone. It was the only way to defeat an impending extraterrestrial threat.

Thousands of experiments were performed on different items and even animals! It seemed like a solution was found. 20 valiant heroes were selected to be cloned and oppose the threat. But if it were that simple... Instead of exact copies, the cloning machine produced CryptoGuys.

Each CryptoGuy has mixed traits of the heroes. Can you imagine NinjaViking? What about RastaSanta? What traits do they have? What are their superpowers? Can they save the Pixel World? Let's find out!

Find your CryptoGuy and save the Pixel World! (Sales Part I started on Nov, 1)

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CryptoGuys is a collection of pixel characters minted as NFTs. They are designed by a group of twenty artists from all over the world. Each artist contributed some ideas to create a unique vision of their places of origin. The Characters possess several traits such as headgear, eyes, mouth, upper / lower Body, left / right hands, skin color.
Of course, there are super rare characters.
Get yourself as much as you want!

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(Sales Part I started on Nov, 1st)
All CryptoGuys are stored as ERC-1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

With more than 180 hand-drawn traits, each NFT is unique. It comes with some benefits. You will get free NFTs in our following projects, benefits from secondary sales profits, and early access to all our future sales. Join our ambitious, growing community and obtain multiple benefits and utilities.


We will update our roadmap according to your comments and ideas because we value our community and its creativity.


August 30th, 2021
Birth of the first CryptoGuy.


October 5th, 2021
Twenty individual artists participate in creating the CryptoGuys collection. 90% of CryptoGuys collection is drawn.


October 10th, 2021
The complete collection is drawn. Discord and accounts launched.


November 1st, 2021
Sales on OpenSea start.


50ETH Volume Traded
We will give away 5 Ethers to random NFT holders.


100ETH Volume Traded
All holders will be able to get our free NFT from following collection in Pixel Verse.


250ETH Volume Traded
Official merch will be created. NFT holders will have special conditions for purchase.


1000ETH Volume Traded
The holders can play P2E game in our Pixel Verse using CryptoGuys. Our developers are working hard on it. The holders of rarer NFTs will have better chances to win.


Q4 2021 +
We will continue expanding the community's Pixel Verse. We will define our goals by discussing them with CryptoGuys community. We can reach dizzy heights with your support!


Cryptoguy's rarity

Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 170+ unique traits with varying rarity across categories.


Upper Body
Left Hand
Right Hand
Lower Body
Skin Color

(total 10,000 NFTs)

Super Rare
22 NFTs
9/9 of traits belong to
a certain hero
91 NFTs
4-5 of 9 traits belong to
a certain hero
8315 NFTs
2-3 of 9 traits belong to
a certain hero
1572 NFTs
1 of 9 traits belong to
a certain hero

Super rare cryptoguy

Right Hand
Lower Body
Left Hand
Upper Body
Skin Color


What are CryptoGuys?


There are 10,000 characters and each one has several traits (body elements, skin color, accessories,  and etc). You can learn more in the Rarity section. All characters are very unique but some are more unique than others. Buy youself the one that you love best.

What do I get?


You get an NFT of your CryptoGuy and access to all our following projects. There will be loads of giveaways. We will produce official merch, hold profitable contests for the holders. After the final stage, you will be able to use your character in Pixel Verse and get access P2E and P2P game.

How do I get my stuff?


The image & CryptoGuy metadata will be sent to you immediately after you buy one on OpenSea. On our Discord we will keep the holders posted on the date of the following project as well as Roadmap information.

Why CryptoGuys?


By collecting CryptoGuys you'll have a say in the community, so you will have a right to vote on the course of the project and story development. Any suggestions from the community are welcome. Some great ideas have already come. We aim at increasing the NFTs in value, and even if you buy one to hold it, we will do our best to support secondary sales on OpenSea.

What’s an NFT?


NFT stands for "Non-fungible token", which means that it's a unique, digital item with blockchain-managed ownership that users can buy, own, and trade. Most NFTs are meant to be digital art. But they can also provide extra benefits like exclusive access to certain websites, events, game items etc. Think of it as a unique piece of art that can also serve as a "members-only" card. CryptoGuys ownership is exactly the same thing.

How do I mint NFT?


We intentionally skipped the minting stage due to the extremely high gas fee. All you need is just an account on OpenSea. You can buy your CryptoGuy there.

Do you still have questions? Just reach us on Discord

The cryptoguys team


Artists team-lead


Founder and project-lead


Technical team-lead


Community Manager

And nineteen more individual artists participated in that project. The author of each unique art will be represented in NFT's metadata