There are several ways how to calculate rarities for generative art. We provide you with the most well-known and our method that will be benefited from the in-game experience. The more rare character, the more power it will have.
Both methods will help you to make better decisions. But remember, all characters are unique. Some are just more unique.
- Rarity.tool is widely used among collectors. Rarity Rank represents the position of the character among the entire collection. For example, rarity tool rank 578 means that character has 578th position among the collection (10 000 characters in our collection). The lower rank, the rarer character.

- CGS Rarity (CryptoGuys rarity) represents how rare the character in the collection is in terms of having multiple traits from one set (for example, Viking). Rarer the characters in CGS Rarity, the more benefits it will have in the upcoming game.